Futures Expiries

Below you will find the upcoming expiration dates of our futures products. All expiration dates are implemented in accordance with our guidelines, which you can read under Product Specifications.

Important note:

The expiry dates listed here refer to the next expiry date. GBE always updates the expiry dates at the beginning of the month. If you trade our futures products, we recommend that you always check the current expiry dates on this page at the beginning of the month.

If you wish to hold a futures position beyond the expiry date, you must close your existing futures position before the expiry date and open a new position in the next contract month. Please note that there may be price differences between the expiring and the new futures contract.

Open CFD futures positions are automatically closed on the expiry date and the price difference between the opening price of the position and the price at which the position is closed is either credited or debited to the trading account. In addition, the expiry dates of CFD futures may differ slightly from those of exchange-traded futures as CFD futures often expire on the day the trading volume changes.

Contract Month Codes:

January - FMay - KSeptember - U
February - GJune - MOctober - V
March - HJuly - NNovember - X
April - JAugust - QDecember - Z

Daylight Winter Time at 10:00 am GMT+2

Daylight Summer Time at 10:00 am GMT+3

ElementElective Professional ClientsRetail Clients (ESMA Measures)
Major indices1:501:20
Major currencies1:2001:30
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Client Relationship Manager
Negative balance protection
50% margin close out rule
Client Money Remains Segregated
Eligible for ICF (Investment Compensation Fund)
Retain rights to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service*
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